Sorrento Wedding Photography
All you need is love

Karen and Chad got it right. They always wanted an intimate and relaxed wedding and that's exactly what it was.
"Looking back..we wouldn't change a thing"
The morning started with bride Karen showing me the Hotel Bristol gardens (like I said, relaxed) before a brief preparation. A preparation not without its hiccups but would be a wedding if there weren't the moments that we can look back at and laugh about?
After this it was a brief wander across the town to their Cloisters ceremony where Chad was awaiting. The Cloisters in Sorrento is an incredible space and could not be more well suited for a wedding ceremony. It's a peaceful square, one minute away from beautiful views of the gulf of Naples and Mt Vesuvius.
After the ceremony it was a one minute walk around the corner to La Villa Sorrento for a mid afternoon aperitif.
Following the drinks and canap├ęs, it was a short walk across the Sorrento old town filled with congratulatory shouts from the locals before arriving at Cafe Latino for the reception.
When I said Karen and Chad got it right, what I meant was it's exactly how I would do it. There was no pressure, the day was theirs. They took themselves off for a first dance after the appetizers, alone. Just those two enjoying a nice moment. When it came to photographing it, their style fitted my style perfectly.
"Knowing how lucky we were to be able to be in Sorrento and to marry and to have you there taking in the day for a permanent reminder of it all. We are very lucky. Thank you so much Ben for being there...for being part of our day & for allowing us to be us"
If you're interested in a Sorrento Wedding photographer. It would be great to hear from you!